Friday, September 7, 2012

Meeting this Sunday, Sept 9

Hey Enlightened Hippogriffs!

We're going to have a meeting this Sunday, Sept 9 at 1 pm, Room 7. Be there!

For our last month of Slytherin, I'm planning on the following:

  • Another round of Pensieve thoughts and memories 
  • A celebration of our one year anniversary as a group! Can you believe it's been a year already? Go us! We'll talk a little about what we've accomplished already and review our plans for the year ahead. I may even bring a treat, who knows?
  • Preparation for volunteering in the Storm Drain Marker Program that we discussed briefly last time. In case you missed our last meeting, this program relies on volunteers to walk around their neighborhoods putting decals on storm drains that lead to rivers, reminding them not to dump in them. Before we can do this though, we'll need to take a close look at some area maps and figure out how many we're going to do. It'll be like writing our own Marauders' Map! 

See you Sunday!


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