Monday, August 27, 2012

Important Message from Moaning Myrtle!

Hey Hippogriffs!

I wanted to let everyone know about a plan we made at our last meeting for something to try at the First UU Labor Day Retreat this weekend. But don't stop reading this even if you're not planning to go on the retreat, please help us come up with ideas!!

It's Moaning Myrtle's Haunted Hoses Tour!  Just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione hunted for horcruxes in the last book, we're going to have retreat-goers hunt for water conservation tips! 

Here's how it will work:

  • Each of us Enlightened Hippogriffs will bring two small water-related objects to camp. These objects should not be anything expensive or sentimentally valuable as it's possible they could get lost or damaged in this process. They will probably also get wet. Also they should be small enough that they can be hidden but not so tiny that they can't be found! Suggestions: toy fish/dragons/mermaids, plastic water bottles (message in a bottle?), squirtguns, laminated pictures/words... other ideas???
  • Each of us will also bring two water conservation tips to camp. We brainstormed some of these during our meeting and then tore the list into separate strips to assign to ourselves and I forgot to write down who has what! Can everyone who was there please share what tips you are planning to do? And everyone else, please help us think of more tips for those who weren't at the meeting but are coming to the retreat! Here's some ideas to think about:
  • When we get there on Saturday, we'll hide our objects all around the camp in places related to our tips.  For example, say your tip is turning water off while you brush your teeth - you could hide one of your objects in a bathroom near a sink. If you have trouble thinking of where to hide it, we can maybe have a group huddle and help you figure it out!
  • Throughout the weekend, all retreat-goers (adult or kid) will be invited to find the objects and bring them to the social hour each night. We'll tell them to announce what they found and where to the whole group, and that will be your cue to tell everyone what the tip is! If you want to write out a short paragraph of information about it ahead of time, that might help you remember what to say. Then everyone at camp can learn all about ways to save water and help the planet!

Also, since we didn't get to our rain barrel making at our last meeting, we're hoping to do it during the retreat. Marla, I think this was one of either Madie or Gabe's tips, correct? I can't remember - were you guys going to bring containers or were we going to ask everyone to bring their own? If so, please bring supplies everyone! Here's the details again:

Can't wait to try this and see what everyone comes up with! 


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