Sunday, September 9, 2012

Potions Homework!

Hey Hippos, Professor Snape has some homework for you! You know how cranky he gets, don't disappoint him! Send back your report as soon as possible please!

You have two assignments:

1. The first is an answer to this question: would you be able to attend Hippogriffs meetings if it were the 1st or 3rd (or both?) Sundays of the month instead of the 2nd? I'm told that Youth Group and other meetings conflict with ours, and I think we might get more folks joining us if we changed it. What do you think?

2. The second will require you to drive or walk around your neighborhood with your parent or trusted adult. Your job is to count as many storm drains as you can in your neighborhood. Look on the corners of intersections - these are the holes, usually with metal tops over them, that lead down to pipes which eventually lead to the rivers where our Slytherin water friends live. A lot of intersections have one on each corner - count them all. And report back how many you counted and where you went - the neighborhood (like "Clintonville" for instance) as well as the actual streets (such as "between E. Weisheimer and E Royal Forest, and High and Olentangy.")

Today in our meeting we talked about participating in the Storm Drain Marker Program (more info here: for which we'll be placing "No Dumping" decals on the storm drains to help with the Public Utilities folks' public awareness efforts to inform people of the direct connection between these pipes and the rivers to hopefully keep them from polluting them. However we found it hard to figure out how many of these decals we'll need by looking at maps, so we decided that the best way to do this would be to get out and actually look at the streets in our neighborhoods in person. 

So as you go around your area, keep in mind that whatever you report will be how many decals we'll order - so only count storm drains for as many streets as you think you can reasonably handle. Lucia and I did this in our Westerville neighborhood and counted 50 storm drains in just a 4 or 5 street area, so even a small section of your neighborhood can be a lot!

Also, the sooner you give me that information, the sooner I can order them, which means the sooner they'll get them back to us. We don't want to be doing this in December, right? So get 'em back right away so we can do this while the weather is still nice! End of the week, perhaps?

Thanks everyone!

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