Sunday, February 12, 2012

Awesome meeting today!

Hey Enlightened Hippogriffs!

Awesome meeting today! Thank you so much for your great work and fabulous ideas! I am so proud of all of you and excited for everything we're doing!

Here's a recap of our meeting for those who weren't able to join us:

We welcomed new members Mary Lynn, Amy, and Micah. Thank you for coming ladies, hope you had fun and will come back again! We also celebrated the announcement of the Hershey company taking steps toward fair trade with some delicious Hershey kisses! Yum!

We packaged up our two baskets of fair trade chocolate goodies for the First UU auction. The baskets are included in the online catalog which you can visit here: (scroll down to the bottom for our items.) The auction is next Saturday, Feb 18 and it's a South Pacific theme! More info is here:

Our four Magical Acts of Kindness House Cup Competition hourglasses are now hanging in the hallway at First UU and they are beautifully decorated with your artwork! As a reminder, through the end of March, keep a lookout for nice things you can do for others and when you do, write them down on a post-it (our "jewels") to add to the House hourglass of your choice. Which House will win? How magical can we make the world with our acts of kindness? Please encourage friends and family, adults and kids, to join in - the more kindness the better!

Dobby the House Elf is also now gracing First UU with his magical presence and beautiful green eyes (thanks Micah!) He'll be posted in the front lobby at First UU and ready to take donations of hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves - or his favorite, socks! - to deliver to those in need. Please stack them carefully (he's already had an arm injury, be gentle!) on Dobby or in the box nearby.

We made some plans for our three upcoming events: Justice Sunday (2/26), First Friday (3/2), and the Read-In (3/3.) We especially brainstormed a little more about the First Friday event. Here's the latest plan, including who is going to lead each Hogwarts station/class (these are the kids who will lead them - each could also use an adult's help, especially potions!):
  • Sorting Hat and Wand-Making, including a quick Spell lesson: Gabe. Supplies needed: sticks, pipe cleaners, jewel stickers, ribbons, sorting hat. We might try an iPhone app for sorting as well!
  • Potions and Snow Transfiguration: Lucia. Supplies needed: good tasting edible potion ingredients, bottles/cups, clean up supplies, water-to-snow stuff
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Emma. Supplies needed: whiteboard, paper, pens.
  • Divination - Palm Reading: Micah. Supplies needed: palms! Also check out the chapter on palm reading in the Dangerous Book for Girls.
  • Broom Races: Audrey and Madie. Supplies needed: brooms, black balloons. Remember to keep the rules simple so everyone can quickly understand them!
  • Harry Potter and Fan Fiction Readings: Micah (before or after palm reading) and Rachel, and Emma may be recruiting her dad??
We decided to save Herbo Bingo, the Castle Scavenger Hunt, and Quidditch for events later in the year, like maybe for our Harry's Birthday movie marathon or possibly a Back to School Feast.

Again, great job everyone! Points for each House!


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