Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ravenclaw takes the early lead!

Our Magical Acts of Kindness hourglasses seem to be taking off already! It's so awesome to see those kind things everyone's doing!

So here's where the House Cup stands at this early stage: Ravenclaw currently has a narrow lead of 22 points over Slytherin's 20, with Gryffindor at 10 and Hufflepuff at 5. But I know Hufflepuffs are hard workers who value fair play, their good deeds will not go unnoticed!

Remember to write things down throughout the week as you do things so you won't forget to jot them down on a sticky note next time you're at church. Or you can also email me or leave a comment here on the blog or facebook page and we'll count them for you! ALL are welcome to join in - just let us know in which Hogwarts house you'd like to be counted and tell us what you did to make the world a more magical place!

Check out these magical acts so far:

Ravenclaw's orderly rows include "Helped with Gryffindor hourglass" (way to partner with other houses! Dumbledore would be proud!)

Slytherin's includes "loving on my dog" - Sirius would have appreciated that one too!

And don't forget Dobby! He's ready and waiting to take your new or gently used cold weather goodies to help those in need. Spread the word, and keep those good deeds coming!

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