Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who's ready to get magical????

Who's ready to get magcial with Harry and the Potters on Monday!???!

But first we have a meeting on Sunday!  We have three jobs to do:
  • We'll be getting ready for the show the next day! Get ready to make some cool flyers about Pets without Parents that we can pass out at the show!
  • We'll talk about the animal books we've been reading for the Humane Society. If you need the list again, it's right here: http://cahs-pets.org/programs/book_list.htm. I'm guessing many of you have already read some of the books on the list, or maybe you have other pet-related books you've read. It's all good - just bring them in and tell us about them! We're going to start creating our own Monster Book of Monsters, a magically awesome book report to make Hagrid proud!
  • We'll put together our donation to the First UU auction. Last time we talked about donating some of the pet toys we made. How about adding some animal/pet books as well? Or maybe some treats? Other ideas? If you'd like to donate any of these things, please bring them to our meeting and we'll put together a Care of Magical Creatures basket! Thanks!
See you soon, Gryffindors!


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