Sunday, February 10, 2013

OH MY GOD, A THREE-HEADED DOG! and other notes from today!

Hey Hippogriffs!

Awesome meeting today everyone! Here's a summary of what we did and talked about:

  • We made some nice flyers for the Harry and the Potters show tomorrow night! You guys are so creative! Some were about the show and some were about Pets without Parents. The shelter will have a representative at the show and bring materials as well, and I'll bring what we made today and some Enlightened Hippogriffs brochures too. We also listened to some Harry and the Potters music while we worked (OMG a three-headed dog!) Those of you who were digging it might want to bring some cash to the show tomorrow night - I bet they'll be selling CDs. Or check out their website here..
  • We also began our Monster Book of Monsters project for the Capital Area Humane Society. We talked about some animal books we've read - Because of Winn-Dixie, Warriors, Seekers, and Hoot - and began creating a virtual book report of sorts made up of a PowerPoint presentation about them and scans of drawings we made today. We had a LOT to say about the Warriors series - I think it may almost rival our love of Harry Potter! Please continue to read animal books, draw pictures about them, and tell us about them for the PowerPoint! You can email us about books too! When we're all done, we'll get to take a tour of the Humane Society and see all the real-life lovable "monsters" (cats and dogs)!
  • We started brainstorming about our next projects and came up with some fantastic ideas:
    • In March, we're going to once again help put on the annual Harry Potter First Friday potluck at First UU. We talked about what activities have been our favorites in the past - Potions, Quidditch races, the sorting hat, wand-making - and how we can maybe do some other activities differently. We thought Transfiguration could include face-painting and/or mask making, and Care of Magical Creatures could be a childcare for younger kids, with animal dress-up! Stay tuned for more about First Friday in the coming weeks... it's right around the corner!
    • In April, May, and June, we'll be in Ravenclaw and that means Air: flying creatures, global warming, air pollution. We talked about how bees are endangered and what that means for pollination and honey, as well as cockfighting and factory farming of chickens (ok they may not fly, but they're still birds!) We came up with an awesome idea to help raise awareness about air pollution - a Quidditch event on bikes! Or scooters, skateboards, any kind of wheels except cars! Or just feet! We're thinking of having it in the parking lot behind church sometime when the weather is warm enough to have water balloons and squirt guns as dementor attacks, maybe an obstacle course or maze that includes pollution-related true/false questions to get through it. Plans are still brewing.. let's keep thinking about this!
    • We're also starting to think about Pride in June, because we had a blast doing the parade last year! But how can we relate it this time to Ravenclaw and air? Something to do with rainbows?? One idea is a people-powered float instead of using a car!
  • Finally, we put together a basket of pet goodies for the First UU auction. I'll be bringing it to church this week - if anyone has anything else they'd like to contribute, please let me know!
See you tomorrow night at the show! Yay!


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