Monday, October 8, 2012

Hufflepuff CROP walk instead of meeting this weekend!

Hey again everyone!

So it's October now and that means we've entered Hufflepuff house - meaning EARTH: plants, food, fair trade!  World Food Day is right around the corner (Oct 16) and what better way to kick this off then an event helping to fight hunger right here in central Ohio?

The Worthington Food Pantry is having a CROP Walk this Sunday, and I think we should do this instead of having our regular meeting. I know it's a little last minute to plan, but when did that ever stop Dumbledore's Army? So let's make this happen!

What's a CROP walk? According to the website, it's an interfaith hunger education and fundraising event. This one is happening this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. at The United Methodist Conference Center in Worthington and includes the Hungry Hound Hot Dog grill food truck, a balloon artist, games and crafts. If you donate cash or three non-perishable items (they especially need peanut butter and Campbell's chunky/condensed soup) you'll also get a pumpkin! 

So here's what to do:
  1. First, go to our team page here. Either register to walk with our team or donate online if you can't make it.
  2. Gather up your peanut butter and/or soup. Maybe collect donations from family, friends, and neighbors?
  3. Bring your donations and meet us at church on Sunday at our usual 12:30 time, room 7, and we'll figure out carpooling (or walking if it's nice?) over to Worthington!
  4. Huff, Huff, Hufflepuff! Walk for hunger!
More about the walk itself here

See you then!


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