Monday, October 1, 2012

Banned Books Week! Tra La LAAAAA!

Hey you guys, did you know it's Banned Books Week? Did you know it's actually the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week? 

Read all about it from our friend Erin here!

And consider that the Harry Potter series has been on the list of banned books several times. 

"Occult/Satanism, violence"

Occult/Satanism, violence? Seriously? Yep, people have tried to ban our beloved series on those grounds. By the way, some of these same reasons were given for attempting to ban The Hunger Games series, as well as Twilight, His Dark Materials, and Captain Underpants. That's right, Captain Underpants people!

So how do you celebrate your freedom to read? READ! What have you been reading lately?

You can also make a video about a banned book as part of the Virtual Read-out here.

Hooray for books!

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