Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Muggle Howler!

Hey look! Here's our Muggle Howler to Warner Brothers!

I've uploaded it to the Harry Potter Alliance's Muggle Howlers YouTube channel, but I don't see it there quite yet - I'm guessing they need to approve it first which may take a day or two. So keep checking back!

And I apologize that it took much longer than planned, with the holidays and some serious technical difficulties (Windows Movie Maker... not my favorite.) And it didn't make it in by Dec 31st, but hey, Warner Brothers didn't meet that deadline I say they still deserve some howling!

Great job everyone! And extra house points to Audrey for the bonus Care of Magical Creatures lesson at the end...and to Professor Willow for teaching her so well!

Don't forget to bring dry beans to our meeting this Sunday, Jan 8 for the kickoff of our next campaign! See you then!

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