Sunday, December 18, 2011

Next Meeting: January 8, 2012

Hey Hippogriffs!

First, just wanted to say again a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the Yule Ball! I thought we had a great turnout and lots of fun! Also guess what? We made a little profit! This will be a great start to our new year and help us fund our activities. Thanks everyone for all your planning, hard work, and for making it such a blast!

Now on to the new year!

Our next meeting will be Sunday, January 8, 2012 at First UU, 12:30-2 pm.

Please bring some DRY BEANS to the meeting. Any kind you like (make 'em edible!) and as much as possible. We're going to channel our inner House Elves for a fun activity! You'll see!

Also let me know if you'd be interested in a field trip to the food pantry in Athens County on Martin Luther King day (Jan 16) - and let's plan a carpool down there during our Jan 8 meeting.

We're also going to go over a plan for the upcoming year at this meeting. I have lots of ideas and I'd love to spend some time brainstorming about them!

Finally, we've been invited to have email pen pals from other Harry Potter Alliance chapters. Most other chapters are made up of older students - high school and college aged - so they will be looking to mentor our younger members (parents, we can use your email addresses if you'd prefer to monitor your kids' emails.) Or those of us who are adults can also have pen pals and do our part in mentoring these young adults in return. Think about whether you'd like to do this and if interested, let me know what address to use, or sign up at our January meeting if you want.

Looking forward to an awesome year! Happy holidays!


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