Thursday, August 18, 2011

Announcement at First UU this Sunday

Hey Enlightened Hippogriffs,

We're going to try an announcement during the news portion of this Sunday's First UU church service about our upcoming first meeting. Who wants to join in? I'd love this to be kids, not me, because 1) I'm horrible at public speaking and 2) it's about you guys anyway! I'm envisioning a handful of kids - in costume if you've got 'em! - doing a short bit sort of like the Hogwarts invitation letter Harry gets in the first book, only conveying a message along these lines:

~ Wish Harry Potter was real? Want to join a real life Dumbledore's Army? Well, you can!
~ Join the Harry Potter Alliance and fight real world dark arts like bullying, homophobia, illiteracy, and climate change.
~ Term begins Sunday, September 11, after the 11 am service in room 7
~ All are welcome - Wizards and Muggles of any age

I'm still waiting on confirmation from the worship committee about whether we will have a spot this Sunday but if so, I'd like to be ready. Please let me know if you're available and willing to participate as soon as you can. Thanks!


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