Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meeting date and time! And Splashlife update

Hey Hippogriffs! We have a possible meeting time. How does every 2nd Sunday at 12:15 sound? So starting in September, that would put us at September 11. Which actually sounds kind of fabulously appropriate to me - to transform that sad day ten years later, with the weapon we have: love.

Send me an owl and let me know if you're actually doing something else really important every 2nd Sunday the rest of your life, but otherwise lets plan on it! By the way that would be Room 7, where we were last time (the meeting room by the garden) at First UU.

Now how to get the word out? Please post comments here with your thoughts! And Evelyn, break out that owl costume.

Another quick bit of news: The Harry Potter Alliance has announced that the Climate Crisis "Imagine Better" Splashlife contest deadline has been extended until Friday at 11:59 pm. So if you are still interested in getting your idea or art in, do it right here:

And guess what, Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, is one of the judges! Now you have to do it.

So hey, how about that new movie? Amazing, yes?

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