Monday, April 29, 2013

First Friday is Mother's Day at Hogwarts - this week!

Hey Hippogriffs!

This Friday is our Harry Potter First Friday event, and here's what we have planned:

  • Tour of Hogwarts (see below)
  • Sorting Hat
  • Wand making
  • Potion making - ice cream bar
  • HERBO-BINGO and/or play-dough mandrake making
  • Toddler room mask making or stuffed animal Care of Magical Creatures
  • Quidditch and/or crystal ball dodge ball - hopefully outside
I think in the interest of time, I can take care of most of the supplies either from our own craft stash and backyard or from Hippogriff funds. But if anyone wants to bring wand supplies, ice cream toppings, small plants or play-dough, feel free to do so- the more the merrier! Also if you can think of balls, prizes, or brooms needed for the Quidditch/dodge ball game, bring those too.

But you do have one assignment: help us create the tour! We talked about making it Mother's Day-inspired and planting various tributes to magical mamas and other important ladies from the Harry Potter series around the church as part of our tour. You could draw portraits, dress up like these ladies, or whatever you want to do. If you can think of a fun activity to do or spell to learn related to your magical mom when the group comes to her stop on the tour, that would make it fabulous. Some ideas:
  • Harry's mom in the Mirror of Erised
  • Mrs. Weasley - knitting, or trying to Ridikulous her fears away
  • Professor McGonnagal - teaching spells
  • Tonks - fighting Dementors
  • Sirius's mom in the screaming portrait
  • Aunt Petunia - yelling at Harry!
  • Gryffindor's Fat Lady portrait - guess the password?
  • Moaning Myrtle - hiding in the bathroom
  • Narcissa Malfoy - being snobbish?
  • Professor Trelawney - throwing "crystal" balls? or telling fortunes!
  • Others?
Please pick one or more of these ladies that you want to be in charge of, and come on Friday ready to make her part of the tour! And let us know who you're doing so we can make sure we have enough moms represented to make it a good tour. If we have enough kids, we'll give four rounds of  tours (one for each house) while the other activities are going on. Or if we have a small group maybe we can take our own moms on one big tour.

See you on Friday!


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