Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meeting notes and BIG NEWS!!

Hey guys,

Thanks for an awesome meeting on Sunday! For those who weren't there, we:

  • Had some delicious cupcakes to celebrate my 20-year anniversary of quitting smoking! I calculated how much money I've saved by not buying cigarettes for 20 years - including the rate of inflation, it's about $28,000! Not to mention the cost on my health! Thanks for helping me celebrate this and blowing out the candles with our healthy, smoke-free lungs!
  • Began our Care of Magical Creatures class in honor of Gryffindor! From now through March, we'll be focused on animals and especially pets! We talked about several animal shelters around town and how we can help them:
    • Capital Area Humane Society would like to host us for a tour of their facility. However first they want us to do a book project: please read a book on their list, or come up with your own favorite animal book, and tell us about it at our next meeting. The book list is here: We'll also be doing this with the Sunday school kids at this weekend's Justice Sunday. I was thinking we could come up with our own Monster Book of Monsters, all about these books!
    • We made lots of awesome pet toys! We made fabric chew toys for dogs and yarn mice and a cool cardboard mouse for cats, and a paper towel roll toy for birds! Great creativity everybody! We'll donate these to Pets without Parents and Colony Cats. We'll make more of these at Justice Sunday as well - and please feel free to keep making them! They can also use fleece blankets and lots of other items - I'll put their wishlists on our website.
  • And finally we announced some BIG NEWS! It's now confirmed, so I can share all the details......

  • It will be Monday, February 11, beginning at 7 pm at Ace of Cups in Clintonville
  • ALL AGES are welcome!
  • Opening act is local, kid-friendly band Delay
  • Cost is $8/person, and the Harrys have agreed to donate a percentage of the ticket price to the shelter, through us! I told them about our Care of Magical Creatures campaign, and they are happy to help!
For those of you not familiar with Harry and the Potters, they are an awesome rock band that has become famous for singing songs all about our favorite boy wizard and his friends, launching the Wizard Rock - or "Wrock" - movement and hundreds of other Potter-inspired bands. They are undoubtedly the biggest among wrock bands though, and attract quite the following, and put on a very entertaining show! So this will be great news for Pets without Parents, who among other things can really use a donation to help them fund a new and larger facility to help more animals! We're going to help make that happen, with the help of the Harrys! Yay!

More about the band here:, and the shelter here:

So please spread the news about the show - feel free to make flyers, share on Facebook and other social media, and among your friends and families! Come one, come all! I know it's a school night, but it's for a good cause!

Our next meeting is Feb 10, which is the day before the show so I think in addition to talking about the animal books we read, we'll make flyers about animals that we can pass out during the show to help raise awareness. So keep those creative thinking caps (wizard hats?) on!

Hooray hooray!


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