Friday, March 9, 2012

Meeting Sunday, March 11 - focus on Bullying

We have a meeting scheduled this Sunday, 3/11 at 12:30 at First UU. We're going to change our plan for March a little and start focusing on Bullying for the month as our last part of Magical Acts of Kindness campaign, making way for fighting the real-life Dark Arts of racism, sexim, and homophobia in April, May, and June.

As part of this, start thinking about real life "spells" you can do to fight bullying. For instance, "Expelliarmus" in the wizarding world is a disarming spell, taking away a witch or wizard's most powerful tool, his or her wand - how can you take away a bully's power in our world? Dumbledore's Army also used Protego and Expecto Patronum, both protective spells - how can you protect yourself and your friends from bullying? Bring your ideas this Sunday - we'll be brainstorming on these in order to get ready for our next Justice Sunday on March 25, when we'll be teaching all the Sunday school kids how to do these spells, just like Harry taught the DA!

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