Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Bully" gadgets

Hey guys, there's an Eventful "Demand It" gadget to try to bring the "Bully" movie to Columbus - I've added it to our website on the right. Just click the "Demand It" link and follow the instructions there.

There is also a petition to try to change the rating to PG-13 (it is currently unrated rather than accepting the R rating, thus preventing kids from seeing it.) The link to the petition is right below the Eventful gadget at right - again, just click the link and follow the instructions. And please share widely!

On a lighter note, if you scroll down a bit on our blog, there is also an Eventful gadget to try to bring Harry and the Potters back to Columbus as part of their midwest tour. Might as well bring some fun to our town while you're at it, yes?

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