Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HP First Friday and Read-in: March 2-3

Hey guys,

We've been asked to organize this year's Harry Potter First Friday event. As most of you know, this is the potluck dinner at First UU which happens on the first friday evening of every month, only in March it has for many years been Harry Potter themed, complete with games and sometimes Quidditch and "castle" tours. Only this year it also happens to be the night before our "Read-in" (in previous emails I referred to this as a "Read-a-thon".. Lucia has declared it a protest-style "Read-in" which I think sounds even better so I'm going with it! As a reminder, this is the afternoon where we all just read to our heart's content and bring a canned good and/or book to donate to Athens County.) So basically it's a big Harry Potter themed weekend! Plus it coincides with our Magical Acts of Kindness campaign so I think we can have a lot of fun with this.

So tonight before and after choir rehearsal, I did a little brainstorming with Lucia, Emma, Madie, and Gabe, and we came up with the following plan for First Friday. Please look these ideas over and come to our next meeting (Feb 12) with your own thoughts and ways to make all this happen!

  • Potluck dinner: just what it sounds like, everyone bring a dish to share
  • Sorting hat: pick your house out of the hat and NO changing houses no matter how much we all want to be Ravenclaw
  • Make your own wands: tie/glue ribbons in house colors to sticks - adult supervision especially needed if we use a hot glue gun
  • Classes: one house per class at a time, so there are 4 classes (which means we'll also need 4 Heads of Houses to lead students from class to class):
    1. Potions: the kids vote for all fruit-flavored ingredients (no baking soda or vinegar) so all potions taste good. Also we think this should happen in or near the kitchen in case of messes. (ha, "in case of")
    2. Care of Magical Creatures: do it yourself creatures - combine two or more existing magical creatures for a whole new creature of your own that you draw. For example, pegasus + unicorn = pegicorn. Emma would like to lead this activity.
    3. Herbology: "HERBO" bingo - the classic bingo game, with small plants as prizes
    4. Divination: palm reading (yay, no supplies needed!) - Emma says a good guide to this is in the Dangerous Book for Girls, but we can also just make fortunes up... hey, it worked for Professor Trelawney.
  • Clue Hunt: everyone goes on a hunt through the "castle" together, like the one Willow designed last year. Willow, would you be willing to do this again? Perform small tasks or figure out puzzles at various places around the church and earn your house points
  • Harry Potter and Fan Fiction readings: throughout the evening, adults who aren't volunteering and older kids (or any kids who don't want to do the other stuff) can stay in Fellowship Hall to listen to readings from the Harry Potter books and/or fan fiction! We can also promote the Read-in during this part.
  • Magical Acts of Kindness House Cup Competition: also throughout the evening, anyone who does good deeds (adult or kid!) can add points to the hourglass of their choice, which hopefully we'll have hanging up throughout February and March somewhere in the church. We'll get going on this at our Feb 12 meeting. A great way to earn house points is to donate books to kick off Accio Books!
You might notice there is no Quidditch on the list this time - we made an executive decision to not do this until our movie marathon event this summer, since it will be warm out and we can do it outside! So don't despair Quidditch planners, your time will come!

So below is a list of volunteer jobs, please let us know what you can contribute. Also note that we don't have to do all this ourselves, but if you know someone outside of our group that would be good at something, just let us know that you'll be contacting that person.
  • Adult to supervise sorting hat and wand-making (can maybe be at the same time)
  • 4 Heads of Houses and 4 Professors: preferably adults (especially for Potions) and/or authoritative kids
  • Supply wranglers: potion ingredients and cups/bottles, cleaning supplies, HERBO boards and plants, creature paper and drawing stuff, anything needed for clues, house point prizes.
  • Decorators and Cleaners: anyone willing to come early that evening and help set up and also clean up afterwards
  • HP/fan fiction readers: anyone willing to read aloud... maybe act out scenes?
  • Read-in promoters: pass around flyers (Liam?)
  • Everyone: tell all your friends, get people to come to both First Friday and the Read-in! It's fun AND for a good cause!
One final note: there are LOTS of awesome ideas for this sort of thing here: http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/features/crafts/potterparties. Check it out!

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