Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meeting tomorrow - October 9

Greetings Hippogriffs!

We're having our October meeting tomorrow, October 9, at 12:30 at First UU. Look for us in Room 7, one of the meeting rooms next to the courtyard. Remember to bring a nut-free lunch or plan to eat before or after the meeting.

Last time we met, we talked some about fair trade chocolate and brainstormed some great ideas about ways we could get involved with the "Not in Harry's Name" campaign of the HPA. One of those ideas was to have a fair trade chocolate costume party for Halloween. I love this idea, but since October is already upon us, I don't think we have enough time to plan it, but I'd like to think seriously about having a Yule Ball in December!

I've contacted the church to see about getting a date to use Fellowship Hall for a costumed dance party hosted by the Enlightened Hippogriffs. We've also got a few possibilities for the dancing and music in the works. We're also going to be the focus of a Justice Sunday at First UU in November, where we can get the sunday school kids to help us with maybe some signage or other ideas. Lets focus our discussion tomorrow on everything else we need to do to get this going.

To help organize things a bit, I'm going to randomly sort you into the four Hogwarts houses. If this works well, we can do this at every meeting, so don't despair if you don't like the house you're in tomorrow, you'll likely be in a different house next time. Each house is going to plan a different aspect of our Yule Ball:

Gryffindor (because you're brave): think of ways to promote fair trade at the ball. Some ideas: chocolate as food at the event? get everyone in attendance to sign the petition? get people to purchase fair trade chocolate, or bring a donation (canned goods etc) as their admission price?

Ravenclaw (because you're clever): come up with a plan to advertise the Yule Ball. Ideas: posters, announcements at First UU, other churches? Press release in newspapers? Flyers at schools?

Hufflepuff (because you work hard): plan the logistics for the event itself: decorations, food, dancing, music, favors?

Slytherin (because you're powerful): are there ways to partner with other groups? Maybe other HPA chapters in Ohio? Other social justice groups at First UU? School groups?

These are just a starting point for discussion. Please give all these ideas some thought and we'll try to come up with an action plan!

See you tomorrow!


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