Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Portkey Update!

Hello Enlightened Hippogriffs!

I wanted to forward the information below from Erin Millar, who shared at our meeting some information about an exciting event happening TODAY through Sunday: Portkey! Portkey is a virtual window into LeakyCon - a giant Harry Potter convention happening this week at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Erin and other HPA staffers' efforts, those of us who can't make it to Florida can still participate through the events listed below.

We can access Portkey and related info through the following channels:
Livestream channel:
Potter Pensieve:

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think may be interested in either our group or Portkey. And enjoy all the Harry Potter events this week!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erin Millar

These are the final times, unless something comes up unexpectantly.

Also, here's the web address for the Potter Pensieve project we're doing for Portkey. This in particular some of the kids from the chapter might be interested in!

(All times are Eastern)

Wednesday July 13
5:00pm: Opening Livestream

Thursday July 14
8:00pm: Splashlife contest Livestream
(we're going to be talking about the Climate Crisis Imagine Better Splashlife contest I was telling you all about on Sunday...brainstorming and such)

Friday July 15
Starting at 3:00am: NING post-midnight premiere Deathly Hallows chat
Chat on the NING right after the midnight premieres...we'll be cycling through the time zones, so eastern is the first out of the midnight shows. The NING is the social network accessible from the HPA site, or go to

5:00pm: Deathly Hallows Livestream

7:00pm: Pottermore Livestream
(we'll be having a roundtable to talk about JKR's newest project, Pottermore)

Saturday July 16
1:00pm: We Are Wizards Livestream watching party

7:00pm: Potter Pensieve Livestream -
(remembering Potter experiences and talking about milestones and celebrating and such)

Sunday July 17
1:00pm: Trivia Finals

7:00pm: Closing Ceremony Livestream

I'm going to be on most of the Livestreams, because I'm Gryffindor Head of House for Portkey. I'll definitely be on the opening, Pottermore, and closing Livestreams, but I might get roped into doing more of them too. I'll also be helping run the Eastern time zone post-midnight premiere chat on the NING. Moral of the story: I'm going to be around a lot, so hopefully I'll know pretty quickly if things change and hopefully I'll see some of the gang from the chapter hanging around too!

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