Saturday, July 9, 2011

Organizational meeting 7/10/11

We're having our first organizational meeting of the Columbus chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance tomorrow, July 10, 2011 after church services at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus on Weisheimer Road in Clintonville. Church is on summer services now beginning at 10 a.m., so I'm guessing we'll be ready to go around 11:30. Please look for me in Fellowship Hall near the kitchen and we'll find a place to settle down together.

This is just a preliminary meeting to plan our chapter, not our actual first chapter meeting which will be held in the fall. So if you are a youth or adult interested in being a part of the small core group of planners for our group (much like Harry, Ron, and Hermione for the original Dumbledore's Army) please come! If you can't make it though, don't sweat it - there will be more meetings soon.

Here's my agenda for tomorrow:

1. Decide on a name for our chapter

2. Discuss our chapter's structure:
- meeting schedule
- leadership: adult/youth, president/vp, treasurer
- committees, chairs: communication, fundraising, social/fun
- houses?
We don't have to elect individuals for these roles yet, just decide whether we want to structure ourselves this way and what each role entails. A good resource for this type of planning which I'll be bringing to the meeting is on the HPA website here:

3. Areas of focus, goals, rules
- HPA campaigns, UU seven principles- chapter constitution
- ground rules for our group

4. Other ideas?

5. Next steps:
- first chapter meeting
- publicity
- HPA Portkey to Leakycon and excitement over the HP7 part 2 movie!

Looking forward to getting started!

~ Lynne

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  1. Have a great meeting today! I look forward to finding out about what you've set up when I return in August. I'm very excited about becoming the Columbus Chapter for Dumbledore's Army.